2018. július 11., szerda

💣What a Successfull Weekend 💣 🥇Saturday- Austrian Russell Trophy🥇
- Samy: CAC,Best Male, **Trophy Sieger** ,Best of Breed,🏆🏆BEST IN SHOW🏆🏆
- Bon-Bon( Samy x Enji) : Best puppy female
-Yoko ( Vespa x Samy) : Exc 2..

🥇Sunday-Simon Mills Cup 🥇
-Samy:Cac,Club Winner, Best of Breed, 🏆🏆BEST IN SHOW🏆🏆
-Yoko: j.cac, **Junior Club Winner**, 💣Best Opposite Sex💣
-Bon-Bon: Best puppy female

Thank you for judges Jens Ruck and Peter Friedrich Berchtold. Congratulations for the organisators there is the best begin always at this show by French horn players who are also hunters and well done for nice prizes and for Bring and Buy auction dinner.Last but not least thank you Sophie for handling.


Jenõ Fõ u. 65., Fejér - megye, Hungary